Adam Harbison

Musician and Singer-Songwriter

 Adam Harbison  is an emerging musician and singer-songwriter from the St. Louis area who specializes in acoustic performance of original material and classic songs across genres from the 1950s to modern day. Inspired by revered talents like Bob Dylan and Jim Croce, every song is performed with passion and conviction, with Adam's powerful voice and grounded guitar work melding together to create an experience that is memorable and accessible to any audience. 

For the Love of the Song

Merriam-Webster defines songs as a short musical composition of words and music, but they are so much more than that. Songs are a minutes-long window into the mind of the artist and the heart of the listener. They are the soundtrack to our lives, and the keys to memories we've long locked away. Songs are the spoonful of sugar that allows us to choke down even life's most bitter prescriptions, and they are the way we speak when words are not enough.

There is no time that I am more comfortable than when I can share songs with other people, whether they are ones that I've written or those that I have come to love throughout my life. 


For a complete list of the songs that make up Adam's performances, click here.